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List of contacts

Please contact the RAFC OPSO or President with any general inquiries via email address listed below. For further information, of if you do not receive a response, please utilise the committee contacts list below.

If you are inquiring about membership or flight training, please first refer to our membership page or flight training page to check your eligibility and find our more information.

RAFC Committee 

President – WGCDR Ric Peapell  (richard.peapell@defence.gov.au)

Vice President – Mr Jack Tautz (jack.tautz1@defence.gov.au)

Vice President – SQNLDR Andrew Evans (andrew.evans@defence.gov.au)

Operations Officer – CPL James Howitt (rafctraining@gmail.com)

Senior Instructor – SQNLDR (Reserve) Joe Vine (joe.vine@defence.gov.au)

Secretary – currently vacant – contact the President (rafctraining@gmail.com)

Treasurer – Mr Brian Smith (email address provided upon joining)

Maintenance Officer –  Mr Jack Tautz (jack.tautz1@defence.gov.au)

Fuel Officers – LAC Cody Schomberg (cody.scomberg@defence.gov.au) & CPL Brandan Schulz (brandan.schulz@defence.gov.au)

Safety Officer – Ian Froome (ian.froome@bigpond.com)

Social Coordinator – FLTLT Daniel Chatfield & Mrs Katrina Chatfield (daniel.chatfield@defence.gov.au)


The club OPSO and flying training email address rafctraining@gmail.com is used to coordinate flight training after becoming a member.

Please note: Our club Gmail address rafcflying@gmail.com is no-longer used, therefore contacting the committee directly is preferred in order to respond to your inquiry in a reasonable time frame.