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Aviation Safety

Safety is of paramount importance at RAFC and the resources below are aimed at keeping members up to date with the latest safety information.

Fuel Safety

RAFC manage aircraft refuelling via AVGAS jerry cans made available in our fuel storage container. Training is provided to each member before being permitted to conduct AVGAS refuelling and the AVGAS refuelling procedure can be found on the club documents page. Part of the AVGAS refuelling training is receiving the below PowerPoint presentation which has been produced by Air Force Safety.


Spin Training

Spin awareness training is an essential element to any licence course, but these guys take it to the next level!


An important note on spin training though is that it must only be attempted by personnel trained in entry and recovery from a spin, at a safe altitude and in aircraft approved for this manouvre. The below CASA safety bulletin is an important reminder about checking your aircraft type for spin approval.


Fuel Starvation

CASA has seen a significant trend in GA flying over the past several years involving aircraft that have run out of fuel airborne. Contributing factors to this have been:
– PIC not confirming the actual amount of fuel on board
– Aircraft departing for planned flights with insufficient fuel due to poor or no fuel planning
– Poor or nil monitoring of fuel state airborne

The below accident report has been published by CASA as a lesson worth learning from, as 3 helicopter crew members were seriously injured when the aircraft departed for a power line survey sortie with insufficient fuel on board.


CASA have addressed this indident and many others with similar causal factors with the introduction of new fuel rules in late 2018. CAAP 234-1(2) presents a summary of these new rules and provides example calculations of how you can plan fuel requirements for your aircraft type.


CASA Airwothiness Bulletins

Recent Airworthiness Bulletins


RAFC Safety Reporting Form

RAFC Safety Incident Reporting Form (PDF)