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Piper PA-38

Additional costs

Classroom briefings:

Annual membership:

Booking cancellation fee:
$60.00 Instructional flight only

The aircraft hirer is responsible for any landing and en-route charges.

All aircraft are hired at a wet rate from Amberley. For avgas fuel purchases made away from Amberley, the Aircraft Hirer is responsible for paying the difference from the Amberley fuel price of $2.50 per litre.

Underpayments will be debited to the Aircraft Hirer’s account.

About this aircraft

The RAAF Amberley Flying Club cross hire three PA-38 Tomahawk aircraft, VH-UAL and VH-TLA (yellow and blue) an VH-NGR (white and green). The tomahawks are ideal training aircraft and being a low-wing design are flown with the same basic style as RAAF training aircraft. All RAFC basic training is conduced in the Tomahawk, with some advanced navigation training being conducted in the PA-28-180 Archer.

For licenced pilots, before hiring a PA-38, a check flight with a RAFC instructor is required. For more information and to arrange a check flight, please utilise the Contact us tab.

NOTE: For PA-38 Tomahawk aircraft availability, check E-Allocator