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C23 Sundowner


Download flight manual (PDF, 8.5Mb)


Additional costs

Classroom briefings:

Annual membership:

Booking cancellation fee:
$60.00 Instructional flight only

The aircraft hirer is responsible for any landing and en-route charges.

VH-BET is hired at a wet rate from Amberley.

Underpayments will be debited to the Aircraft Hirer’s account.

About the C23 Beech Sundowner

The first of the Model 23 aircraft was introduced under the “Musketeer” name as a 1963 model.  In 1972 the C23 was renamed the “Sundowner” and when properly equipped, the C23 is approved for limited aerobatics

The Musketeer / Sundowner family was developed by Beechcraft as a lower cost and lower performance four seater than the Bonanza, intended to compete with the Cessna 172 and Piper Cherokee. The prototype Model 23 first flew on 23 October, 1961 with the first production aircraft delivered in autumn 1962, enjoying swift popularity. 

From 1970 a more rounded fuselage was introduced, and the models were renamed Musketeer B19 Sport, Musketeer C23 Custom and Musketeer A24 Super. The Musketeer name was dropped in 1971 and a further renaming took place with the Custom becoming the Sundowner C23. The designation changed yet again in 1974 to reflect engine horsepower – Sundowner 180.

The C23 Sundowner is a true 4 place touring aircraft with an empty weight of 624kg (1375lb) and a MTOW of 1089kg (2400lbs).

About VH-BET

The Club is looking forward to welcoming VH-BET to the fleet of available aircraft.

For more information and to arrange conversion training please contact RAFC OPSO.