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Can I become a member?

RAFC is a non-public club that offers membership to Australian Defence Force members, cadets and civilians who have a link to Defence or RAAF Amberley (as detailed below). The club exists to support the morale of members of the defence community by providing competitively priced flight training and aircraft hire, however the committee may approve memberships for civilian personnel who fit the below criteria as our capacity allows. Each application for membership is assessed and must be approved by the committee, before applying please read the eligibility criteria below and follow the links below:


Full member (Yearly Membership)
• ADF members posted to RAAF Amberley (including dependents & including ADF reservists)
• APS members permanently employed by the Department of Defence at RAAF Amberley (including dependants)
• RAAF members posted to other RAAF or Commonwealth departments in the local area (Including RAAF reservists)
• Overseas forces serving with the RAAF at Amberley
Affiliate member (Yearly Membership)
• Ex-RAAF personnel who reside in the immediate area
• Other RAAF personnel whose next of kin reside in the immediate area
• RAN or ARA personnel posted to a Defence establishment in the immediate area (excluding RAN or ARA reservists)
• Current serving AAFC cadets (civilian cadet staff may be accepted if they meet honorary membership criteria)
Honorary member (Yearly Membership)
• Civilian contractors permanently employed at RAAF Amberley
• Any person whose honorary membership would benefit the club
Note: Justification needs to be provided for honorary memberships to inform a committee decision