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Apply for membership

RAFC is a non-public club who offers membership to Australian Defence Force members, cadets and civilians who have a link to Defence or RAAF Amberley. Please ensure you have reviewed our Eligibility Criteria before applying for membership.

To apply, please download the membership form below, complete your details and sign it, then email it to the RAFC President and Secretary (refer Contact Us page) for consideration including the below points:

  • Please provide a brief background on yourself & your eligibility for club membership
  • Your flying experience (if any)
  • What you’d like to achieve with the club (RPL, PPL, Private Hire, etc)

Your application will be reviewed by the committee and if approved you will be asked to pay the membership fee (details below & on page 2 of the membership form).

NOTE: To ensure club records remain up to date, the committee may request a new membership application form is resubmitted each year.