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DH.82A Tiger Moth

Flying in VH-SSK

VH-SSK is not available for hire or basic flight training at present, however RAFC is working to publish minimum experience criteria to expand the availability of the aircraft. Until then, members can experience flying in the aircraft by selecting from the experiences below:

Mutual Flying: On a limited number of days, RAFC commercial pilots endorsed as Tiger Moth Captains on VH-SSK may be willing to fly with club members on a mutual cost-sharing basis. For these limited time opportunities contact the President or OPSO. 

DUAL flying: For members with some flying experience or a licence, RAFC offer the opportunity to get airborne with a flying instructor and take the controls. Depending on your experience and tail wheel time, you can discuss with  RAFC’s instructors the scope off flying that will be permitted. Standard durations of 30, 45 and 60 minutes are available, but flights may be tailored to individual requests. 

Trial Introductory Flights: For members with no flying experience, RAFC offer the opportunity to go flying with an instructors and try your hands at the controls of the DH.82 in the training area. Standard durations of 30, 45 and 60 minutes are available, but flights may be tailored to individual requests.

For more information on RAFC’s operation of VH-SSK and to get involved, contact the President and OPSO.

Notes: VH-SSK is a non-aerobatic aircraft and does have an annual hours allocation so opportunities may be limited. It is recommended to bring warm clothing, and flying suits are available to borrow from the club for members wanting an authentic experience.  VH-SSK is typically operated on weekends during AM hours only.

About the Tiger Moth

The de Haviland DH.82A Tiger Moth is a British designed biplane designed in the 1930s an produced from 1931-1944 to serve as a basic training aircraft. The Royal Australian Air Force operated these aircraft from several Australian bases during WWII to train pilots before moving onto more advanced aircraft types.

About VH-SSK

VH-SSK was built in 1942 and saw a number of years of RAAF service as A17-468 before being sold and spending most of its life as a crop duster. This aircraft was lovingly restored over a number of years finishing 2015 before being generously gifted to the RAAF Amberley Flying Club in 2019 so it may continue to honor its RAAF heritage and remind the younger generations that basic trainers have not always come with a glass cockpit!

VH-SSK also makes frequent appearances at Amberley Aviation Heritage Centre open days.